Saturday, June 8th was held in Stockholm the wedding of Princess Madeleine of Sweden with the banker Chris O’Neill. And if everyone had their eyes on the Organza Wedding Dresses Valentino of the princess, other celebrities came to attend the happy event had also unsheathed pretty designer dresses. So Charlene of Monaco has also dazzled the audience with a strapless chocolate …

Charlene Wittstock put on a dress to the wedding of Akris Princess Madeleine of Sweden

Charlene Wittstock put on a dress to the wedding of Akris Princess Madeleine of Sweden

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Charlene Wittstock could not miss such a marriage. Three years after his sister Victoria, it was the turn of Princess Madeleine to marry with the American banker she met during his exile in the United States. To attend the festivities, Charlene of Monaco set as usual on the house Akris , she chooses a dress cameo silk Georgette printed “water waves”, it combines a wallet Alice . The dress perfectly highlights her figure and slims the waist, while a thin veil she wears as a bolero allows him to soften his square shoulders.

Charlene of Monaco often put on this cut dress , I must say that it has a particular shape its former swimmer value.

Side beauty look, the beautiful Rock goes easier and wears his blond hair in a small bun blur. She emphasized her eyes with one eye brown tuxedo, while a gloss nude sublime his mouth. Charlene of Monaco still manages to sublimate with ease, without overshadowing the bride.

If the cut of her dress is applauded, it would still have preferred to see the princess in soft, pastel tones, as in the international swimming meeting in Monaco.

Dresses on Kate , Charlene  are the most beautiful royal satin wedding dresses since 2010.


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