The contrast of Rami Kadi 2012 and 2013 princess wedding dresses

American Wedding is characterized by exquisite curves and lively which varied shapes to reflect the vitality and sexy of the brides. With a perfect three-dimensional cut to shape brides with Barbie body. The famous designer Rami Kadi is well versed in this.

For Rami Kadi 2012, he used extensive fabric organza to create a beautiful big skirt and shape the good wedding dresses. The full of voluminous skirt and wrapped the upper body in stark contrast to highlight the bride the perfect curve. The fold was made in a high degree of professional proficiency. In shaping the curve breasts, he also tightened at the waist which can make an effect of curvy, envy. Although he attaches great importance to decorative details, but it is simple and elegant, and no small sense of complex and dense. In addition, the use of beautiful pink color increased the degree of Ramada and gave the bride a lovely appearance, and never old fashioned.

Where do we begin to know the 2013 spring collection of princess wedding dress of Rami Kadi ? This season, the wedding dresses are colorful and lively. The exquisite curves and changing shape reflect the vitality and charming of the brides .This collection was very much like a real garden which consisted of different colors. The collection called Les Jardins Suspendus which was characterized by beautiful ornaments such as lace and flower, crystal, embroidery .Now Let’s Explore it!

The creator uses the dress color value and progressive pale colors were used perfectly on the full skirt. Irregular pleats with several colors, apparently, the skirt was pretty much like waves pastel. With details of Swarovski crystal dotting the bustier,  the princess wedding dresses seemed to come from the fairy tales by making the divine and chic bride.

The atmosphere of this dress was very fanciful and mysterious with the lilac. The exaggerated folds at the rounded skirt and the perforated corsage at the neck, all holds a sexy and wonderful bride. Of course, a brilliant jeweled belt does not go unnoticed.

A beautiful wedding dress with champagne color, as one of the works in the collection is named Les Jardins Suspendus , the flower is undoubtedly essential for the creations. This model princess was out due to its handmade flowers at the left shoulder and full skirt, which brought us a spring look.

Here is a very refreshing and sublime model princess wedding dress. She deceived everyone with its mint green and transparent bodice, its flower embellishments and large tulle skirt.

As you saw, Les Jardins Suspendus bride dresses collection leads us to a whole new level that was full of pastel colors. Princess wedding dresses are sweet and romantic. Each dress strongly reflects the style of Rami Kadi of elegance and grace, and every wedding dress looked like a wonder in our dream. Are you fall in love with these princess wedding dresses?



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